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The Junior academy is our 9v9 teams (U11 &U12). This is a step towards the game becoming much more realistic.  No more play out lines, more realistic formations, offsides, Red and Yellow cards and 3 Referees. The only difference from the real game is at U11 where you still cannot head the ball but at U12 you can.

The practice environment also changes as our coaching staff will start to implement more tactical knowledge to the players. This is done through small group training, 2v2,3v2,3v3, 4v4 and the introduction of new positions and the concept to play through zones. The focus is more on team concept than individual. The focus is to pass the ball instead of dribble. Dribbling is encouraged at the correct opportunity.

The commitment to play and compete goes up as does the level of play. In the Junior academy players will be expected to train 3 nights a week and play in league games or tournaments 3 out of 4 weekends in a month.

​​​​​​​Quick Facts

  • Players are selected at a tryout to become a member of the Junior Academy.
  • 3 scheduled 75-90 minute training sessions per week and league games and tournaments.
  • All players participate in the club's Core Values Program.
  • Teams will participate in the SAAZ league games (6 games in Fall and 6 games in Spring), tournaments (6 minimum).
  • Parents order the PRFC Adidas Uniform package including, training uniform, home and away uniform, bag and tracksuit.
  • Players must wear soccer cleats (safety on grass) and shin guards to practices and games.
  • Professionally coached following the Phoenix Rising Technical Plan.
  • Game format mandated by US Soccer


The Junior Academy Program is for players in 9v9 game formats.  The Junior Program in Arizona (organized by Arizona Soccer Association) is designed to achieve development goals:

  • We are building in the present for the future of the age group and teams.
  • Ideally, players are not cut from an Academy Program.   Cuts will be made to maintain ideal roster sizes and to ensure the player benefits from the experience.
  • For most players we anticipate their performances to flow up and down with relatively little predictability.
  • Playing-up is a feature of Academy-Style development and we purposefully leave room on rosters to allow some players to get extra games.
  • Practicing-up is also a feature of PRFC North Valley's Academy approach, players may be offered the opportunity to join an older age group for practice .
  •  Our teams will participate in the Open League offered by Arizona State Soccer - game schedules are released 2-3 weeks before the commencement of the games for each season (Fall and Spring).
  • We will re-evaluate the overall strategy regularly and adjust to benefit player development.