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Rising Academy (2011-13)


As the competency and confidence of players increases, our coaching staff commence teaching team concepts with the Rising Academy players.  Working collaboratively with teammates in small groups and units is possible and offensive/defensive strategies and approaches will be introduced.  The first year of Academy (U8) is a transitional year as players prepare to move from 4v4 without keepers to 7v7.   Coaching staff are extremely experienced in making the transition seamless by introducing players to new positions and roles.  Attacking combinations become more complex, defending involves more coordination and player’s learning accelerates rapidly as the environment adapts to more players.

​​​​​​​Quick Facts

  • Players are selected at tryout to become a member of the Academy – this is a squad of emerging competitive players.
  • During the first 4-6 weeks of practice, our professional staff organize players by ability.
  • 2 scheduled 60-75 minute training sessions per week and game festivals.
  • Extra Training (3rd night) offered of players wishing to dedicate more time to the game.
  • All players participate in the club's Leadership and Citizenship Program.
  • NEW - Academy teams will participate in the Arizona Academy League (6 games in Fall and 6 games in Fall), 2 Jamborees, 4 tournaments (minimum), 2 Arizona Festivals (like tournaments).
  • Parents order the PRFC Nike Uniform package including, training uniform, home and away uniform, bag and tracksuit.
  • Players must wear soccer cleats (safety on grass) and shin guards to practices and games.
  • Professionally coached following the Phoenix Rising Technical Plan.
  • Game format mandated by US Soccer – U8 - 4v4 without goalkeepers and U9/U10 – 7v7 with keepers.


The Rising Academy Program is for players in U8-U10 age groups playing 4v4 (U8) and 7v7 (U9/U10) game formats.  The Academy Program in Arizona (organized by Arizona Soccer Association) is designed to achieve development goals:

  • We are building in the present for the future of the age group and teams.
  • Squads - the entire group of players are in a pool (squad) to begin the season so that coaches can accurately evaluate and place players into ability groups.
  • Once groups are established,  the Director of Coaching and the coaching team reserve the right to move players freely to benefit individual player development.
  • There may be 2, 3, or 4 ability based player pools.
  • Ideally, players are not cut from an Academy Program.   Cuts will be made to maintain ideal roster sizes and to ensure the player benefits from the experience.
  • 'Development Player' opportunities may be offered to players with potential of making the team or players joining the club after tryouts when a roster is full.  Development players train with the team and can attend extra training opportunities.
  • Most important for development is establishing an ideal training environment.  In that training environment the coaching team may work with all the players - sometimes split and sometimes together.
  • Within the squad, we select players to teams based on the coach's judgement of player readiness and ability. 
  • For most players we anticipate their performances to flow up and down with relatively little predictability.
  • No placement is indefinite ... we will reevaluate constantly and make decisions on what is best for the development of the player and team-mates. To this end, some players will move between team and between age groups throughout the season.
  • Playing-up is a feature of Academy-Style development and we purposefully leave room on rosters to allow some players to get extra games.
  • Practicing-up is also a feature of PRFC North Valley's Academy approach, players may be offered the opportunity to join an older age group for practice .
  • NEW - Our Academy teams will participate in the Academy League offered by Arizona State Soccer - game schedules are released 2-3 weeks before the commencement of the games for each season (Fall and Spring).
  • Our Academy Coordinator also schedules 1-2 additional events for our Academy teams to participate.
  • We are committed to the long-term development of players - unless a current player does not fit with a team,  players will be invited to join the team for the next season before tryouts (a feature of our club that is unique).
  • All players in the Academy are guaranteed at least 50% of game time over the entire season (this is a club policy).
  • We will re-evaluate the overall strategy regularly and adjust to benefit player development.
Megan White

Megan White

Academy Coordinator.

Phone: (520) 870-2418