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Baseline Concussion Testing


Please use the link below to register for testing on July 30. Players unable to attend on July 30 can arrange an appointment with Liz Whitley, MEd, ATC/L to visit the Banner University Medical Center in Phoenix. Community Outreach Coordinator - Athletic Trainer Banner Sports Medicine and Concussion Specialists Banner University Medical Center Phoenix 1320 North 10 Street, Suite B Phoenix, AZ 85006 602-839-7285 (Appointment Desk) 602-839-7383 (office) 602-839-7272 (Fax)

The Registration "Baseline Concussion Testing" is not currently available.

Baseline Concussion Testing is a service included in the membership for all PRFC North Valley Boys and Girls in 2004-2008 age groups.

DATE: Tuesday July 30th.

TIMES: 3 timeslots - 5pm, 6pm and 7pm

LIMITS: Maximum number of participants per session = 25 per session.  First come and first served:

WHAT TO EXPECT: The testing is conducted by staff from Banner Sports Medicine and Concussion Center at Banner University Medical Center in Phoenix. Sessions will last approximately 45 minutes and will be computer based.  Players will answer questions individually that appear on a computer screen.

LOCATION: The location for testing is Total Sports Therapy: 34975 N. North valley Parkway Suite 118, Phoenix, Arizona 85086.

ARRIVAL: Please make a note of the time you have registered for - players and parents should arrive 30 minutes prior to the session.

CLOTHING: Players should wear training uniform and sneakers.

WHAT TO BRING: Please download and complete the form 'PHX Rising ImPACT Letter to parents and Consent 2019' from the website:  Also recommended for the players in 2007 and 2008 age groups is for parents to complete the 'Demographic Questionnaire for the ImPACT Test'.  Prior to the session, parents can help the child complete the form to help get the testing started.

Follow-up Message from Banner University for Tested Players

Here is some information for parents. Below is our side-line eval card that we use for parents and coaches. It is helpful in the event of a hit to the head/suspected concussion. We also have an app version called "Brain Stamp - Game Time!". It can be found on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. It brings the parent or coach through an electronic version of our side-line eval card.
If parents and/or coaches suspect a concussion, then we encourage them to seek medical attention from a provider trained in concussion management. You can pass out my direct number (602) 839-7383 and I can help them navigate who to see.
Their baseline information is saved on a secure, online database through ImPACT and is available to any ImPACT-trained provider.
They will only need their Passport ID to access, which I'm happy to provide. Again, you can give out my email and direct phone number.


Liz Whitley, MEd, ATC/L

Community Outreach Coordinator - Athletic Trainer Banner Sports Medicine and Concussion Center Banner University Medical Center Phoenix

602.839.7383 office

602.839.7272 fax