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ET - Extra Training Opportunities

Welcome to the ‘home page’ for Extra Training Opportunities. Parent’s of players registered with PRFC North Valley Academy (2010-12) and Select (2006-09) team’s will find information and links to register players for 3rd and 4th night options.

Important: Each session is restricted to 24 players – registration is first come first served. 

  • Extra Training (ET) is a supplemental training program supporting team training sessions occurring twice a week.
  • ET consists of Technical Training, Speed/Agility/Core Strength/Movement Skills, Keeper Training.
  • Technical Training, Speed/Agility/Core Strength/Movement Skills and Keeper Training is included in team registration and training fees.
  • ET is in the most part individually focused.
  • Programming is offered throughout the year August through March (excluding school and winter breaks and coaching education days).
  • ET are organized into ‘blocks’ with 4-6 training sessions per blocks.
  • ET is optional/not required.
  • Registration is needed – first come, first served. Families will know in advance the 'release date and time' so everyone has a chance to register.
  • ET schedules are determined based on team training days, availability of training facilities and age groups. 
  • Sessions typically include mixed age groups and genders..
Technical Training:
  • 50 minutes sessions
  • Individual focus on ball mastery
  • Significant focus on dribbling, changing direction, moves to beat and escape an opponent and manipulation of the ball
  • Hundreds of ‘touches on the ball’ in every session
  • Location at Anthem Community Soccer Fields fields 1 or 2
  • Wear: cleats
  • Wear: shin guards
  • Bring: drink
  • Bring: soccer ball
Speed/Agility/Core Strength/Movement Skills:
  • 50 minutes sessions.
  • Individual focus on developing the correct running and sprinting techniques and movement patterns associated with soccer performance.
  • Trainers will us equipment such as hurdles, ladders and speed-chutes to help players develop correct technique and efficiency.
  • Location at Anthem Community Park on fields 1 or 2.
  • Wear: Cleats.
  • Bring: drink.
  • 75 minutes sessions.
  • Players in Academy (2010-12) who would like to play some of the game in goal should attend 1 session per week.
  • Players in Select (2006-09) whose primary position on the team is goalkeeper, should attend both sessions. Players sharing time in goal as a temporary keeper should attend at least 1 session per week.
  • Location at Anthem Community Park on fields 1 or 2.
  • Wear: Cleats.
  • Bring: drink.