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When I think of football I think of what raised me into the person I am today. Football is more than a game with a ball at your feet, or in my case hands. I grew up learning the unique position of Goalkeeper. I fell in love with it all, the high flying, the diving, and the guy who can win a match with one save. For me, Football is about much more than that though. It’s about teamwork, dedication, communication, building relationships, friendships, and above all perseverance.  I grew up here and have returned to hopefully continue to breed Arizona Soccer with PRFC North Valley and our vast pool of talented players!

During my time as a youth here in the valley I played with clubs such as Cisco a staple no longer here, to CCV, and SC Del Sol. Each with different coaching philosophies and ideologies of the game that helped broadened my scope of the game. At college I played for 3 different coaches all with different views but again the same values applied; teamwork, dedication, communication, relationships, friendships, and above all perseverance I will be working the with the Goalkeepers of PRFC North valley. I hope to instill these same values in our players at PRFC North Valley each session.

I love to focus on both the technical aspect of goalkeeping as well as having a tactical awareness to stop things before they start. I also believe in being an individual.  I plan to focus on not only Goalkeeping skills but active problem solving, communication, and leadership. As a Goalkeeper we are both apart of the team and a unique member requiring specific training. I can’t wait to work on our unique position and develop all our players into the best Goalkeepers they can be!


  • SC Del Sol 94 Boy’s Maxwell:
  • High School Soccer: Centennial High School – Peoria, AZ
  • College Soccer: Fort Lewis College – Durango, CO
  • University of Southern Indiana – Evansville, IN
  • Post college: MASL 2018 season with Arizona Impact.


  • English Soccer Experience – 2015
  • GK Camp Coach • Hawai’i Rush youth camps – 2014 – 2018
  • GK coach with varying ages while at UHH as a student athlete 
  • PRFC North Valley Keeper Coach 2018 – present