Introducing a new feature of our program for all players and all ages. PRFC North Valley’s Leadership and Citizenship includes 6 workshops per year and at least 2 events designed to teach players the importance of dedication, prioritization, decision making, offering help and support to others, how to greet peers and adults and goal setting amongst many other topics.   Our leadership faculty and coaches purposefully prepare our players for high school, college and work.


Technology is an integral part of modern day living and technology can provide our young athletes with wonderful learning opportunities. Developing a deep understanding of the game is crucial to reach high performance levels and PRFC North Valley has become synonymous with introducing high performance technology with all our athletes. In fact, PRFC North Valley has been the first youth club in USA to test and implement revolutionary wearable technology providing technical and physical data in training and in games.


Not only are our staff great educators, they are also very committed to becoming more skilled and knowledgeable. The cornerstone of our plan to raise the performance of our teams is to increase the strength of our coaches through regular coaching education opportunities. Once a month, our PRFC North Valley coaches attend a club training program where we review our playing strategies and training approaches. Several times in the year all Phoenix Rising coaches from all the affiliate clubs also attend Diploma courses offered in conjunction with United Soccer Coaches, the largest coaching organization in the world.


In conjunction with PRFC Youth Soccer’s College Advisory Program Director, players and parents will have opportunity to attend workshops intended to assist in selecting colleges. For some players soccer will be a major part of the decision-making process and there are many financial aid and scholarship programs to fit most players.  Our high school aged players will receive outstanding guidance and support as they prepare for college with or without soccer.


A strong soccer player has a dedicated and passionate interest in the game.  A significant part of learning the game of soccer is by watching and emulating high level performers. Our teams have regular opportunities for attend high level Collegiate soccer games at Grand Canyon University and Professional games at Phoenix Rising. Additionally, PRFC North Valley host viewing parties for UEFA Champions League, World Cup and USA National Team Games. A great benefit of being a member of the Rising family are discount tickets for all home games.


We may have started as a small club serving local talent, but very quickly PRFC North Valley has emerged as a major influencer in USA soccer. As Arizona’s only representative at the Kwik Goal Club Summit, a gathering of 25 of the top clubs in America, we contribute to and learn from best practices. Our Director, David Newbery, is a well-regarded leader in youth soccer and was instrumental in the development of a national initiative to raise performance standards. Our best in class performances are used to inspire discussion at national conferences several times a year. PRFC North Valley is constantly at the cutting edge of progress.