Touching the ball on a regular basis helps players to maintain a high level of performance during the off season. Our menu of supplemental training programs is second to none. Each summer, PRFC North Valley offers a summer skills day camp program and pre-season team camp. In conjunction with Phoenix Rising, we now offer 3 weeks of residential team camps, Futsal leagues and training and many school vacation programs.


A consistent club approach to applying the Principles of the Game with all age groups is a feature of the best performing clubs in USA. For the 11v11 format, our teams play with a -1-4-4-2 formation and an attacking style encouraging build up through the lines of the team and possessing the ball with a high passing tempo. Defensively we teach players to maintain ball-side and goal-side positioning. Learning to play the PRFC North Valley way starts with our Rising Stars program and develops up through the age groups.


Consistency in language and approach throughout the club aligns PRFC North Valley with the top clubs in USA. All players learn the ‘Numbering System’ from the time they join the club. Each position has a number and players are taught the function/role responsibilities of each position. At first, the Rising Stars learn to play the roles of 4 positions and progress to 7 in the Academy and 9 in the early stages of Select. Eventually the players will learn all 11 roles and the associated responsibilities.


If you are good enough … you are old enough – that is the PRFC North Valley moto when it comes to rewarding higher level players with additional game time. If playing time is what you are seeking, you need not look any further than PRFC North Valley. We keep our rosters large enough for team viability, but with room every week to enable players to get opportunities to play on a higher level or older team.


If you pick them, you play them … that is the message for our coaches at the tryouts. Playing time is crucial for the development of a soccer player – it is incomprehensible why educators would feel it beneficial to player development to sit on the sideline. We do not select a young person to a team to have them ride the bench. Simply put, our coaches make a commitment when they select players to teach them the game and get the best out of them, so they earn more playing time above a minimum guarantee for 40%.


PRFC North Valley enjoys collaborating with our partner clubs in Cave Creek, Scottsdale, Glendale and Prescott. We have a ‘Guest Player’ initiative for players interest in playing more soccer and combined training sessions between club teams. We also work together during the tryout process to ensure our teams are strong and viable. This is a key feature of the partnership between the Phoenix Rising clubs and a unique benefit for our players.