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Arguably the formative years of development are the most critical for young athletes in developing foundations for sports performance.  Confidence, ball mastery, playing 1v1 against an opponent and learning the basic concepts of the game are all developed early.  The ‘Rising Stars’ program is ideal for parents of players seeking to get ahead early and to move confidently into team games.


Quick Facts

  • Two seasons - Fall & Spring
  • Fun, structured and organized practices & training  
  • Included in the price will be 2 training nights
  • 2 game shirts
  • 4 game days
  • Training with professional paid coaches


Successful performance as an individual and team correlates to one critical factor – technical competency of players.  Technique provides a foundation for a coach to progress the players tactically.  A coach will be limited in his/her ability to progress tactically if players are not technically proficient.

Youth academy technical focus includes:

  • Dribbling the ball on the laces with both feet (Messi style).
  • Beating an opponent with a dribble and moves to pass the defender.
  • Moves to escape pressure from an opponent.
  • Receiving a ball with 5 surfaces of both feet.
  • Passing/shooting over a short distance with the inside.
  • Defensive pressure – deny, delay, destroy!
  • Players will participate in the Skills Challenge Pyramid skills assessment program.

In the modern game, an ability to make decisions and solve problems in an ever-changing playing environment, has become paramount for players wanting to succeed. Technical training and small sided games therefore remains at the forefront of developing intelligent and technically sound players at differing age groups. Increased opportunities to dribble, pass, shoot, take defenders on 1v1 as well as repeated experiences of basic tactical situations are some of the reasons technical training and small sided games are proven to develop better individual players and thus better teams.


Players will be introduced to the fundamentals of the game through interactive and immersive learning adventures.  The curriculum encourages discovery learning, using soccer as a medium, to introduce your child to important technical, educational, social and emotional skills that contribute to overall child development.

Rising Stars focus on the fundamentals of the game, such as dribbling, passing, shooting and introduction to goalkeeping.  Sessions are short duration and players receive hundreds of touches of the ball.   Focus of this program includes:

  • Maximizing the number of touches on the ball and increasing the opportunity to score goals.
  • Players are not just a defender or an attacker but a complete player.
  • Players will learn to move with and without the ball to make space.
  • Players will be introduced to many fast footwork skills and tricks to beat an opponent.
  • Players will learn attacking and defending principles of play and how to implement foundation strategies.
  • Players will be introduced to the ‘numbering system’ used to help players learn role specific functions, such as the role of the #9 – the striker or #7 – right midfield etc.