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Elite Technical Training

Successful performance as an individual and team correlates to one critical factor – technical competency of players.  Technique provides a foundation for a coach to progress the players tactically.  A coach will be limited in his/her ability to progress tactically is players are not technically proficient.

PRFC North Valley Elite technical focus includes:

  • Movement prior to and following a pass.
  • Maintaining distances between players to maximize penetration and possession.
  • Controlling the passing and receiving tempo.
  • Movement in front and behind the opponent’s defensive lines.
  • Pressure, cover and balance defending and working in units.
  • Combining with teammates to play through, around or over.
  • Passing with the all surfaces of the feet – to drive, chip and bend passes.
  • Receiving a ball with the feet, thigh, head and chest.
  • Attacking and defensive heading.

Elite division practices will have a high tempo and intensity to them. Fitness will come naturally through training with little need for extra running.