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Rising Stars & Youth Academy

Program Information (2013-2016)

Junior Academy

Program Information (2010-2012)

Elite Division

Program Information (2006-2009)

(Formerly known as Select Academy)

Hour-A-Thon Fundraiser

September 18th 2022    6pm to 7pm




Keep up with the donation as they come in!



Please make sure you are on our Zoom Hour-A-Thon call SUNDAY, September 18th at 5:55pm. We are going to be marking off the players that are on, this is important you participate. We will start the Hour-A-Thon at 6:00pm. 


My expectations of you:

·         Be on time (5:55pm) 

·         Positive body language

·         Camera ON 

·         Call 20 List Ready 

·         Instructions printed or easily accessible (attached to this email) 

·         First and Last name listed on zoom name 

·         Something to write with 

·         Be attentive

·         Sit up



        Parents are with players that are under the age of 12 


Join Zoom Meeting Meeting Code: 543 214 4944

Questions? Call or Email Ron Walters

Board Member

Phone: 602-799-0679

Questions? Lee Christie

Director of Coaching

Phone: 480-721-4606

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Do you shop at Fry's?  Did you know that you can register your Fry's Rewards Card to Arizona Revolution Soccer Club?   Please visit  Follow the steps to register your card and Click ‘edit’ under Community Rewards.
Under Find Your Organization: Enter the NPO number or name of organization then select ‘search’. OUR NUMBER IS: SD393.  We appreciate your support!